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AVIOU is an innovative marketing tool that lets you to create digitally optimized and inspiring publications. Our user-friendly platform utilizes your data feed to minimize workload and makes it easy for customers to make a purchase directly from the publication. This technology makes it easier and faster than ever to create highly relevant catalogues that are tailored specifically to your customers.

The result? Inspired and engaged visitors that are far more likely to convert.

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A publication builder optimized for digital performance

feed based automatic update

Feed based

AVIOU pulls your product titles, descriptions, prices, discounts and various other data from your system minimizing manual work and ensuring that your catalogue is always up to date.

Live editor


With the live-editor, what you see is what your customers get. Intuitive design and drag-and-drop features makes sure, that anyone in your company can use our platform. Simple as that.

add to cart integrated

Fully integrated

Embed the catalogue seamlessly to your site and let customers add products to their cart without ever leaving it. Enrich your customer journey with inspirational universes exactly where they are needed.


Responsive design

The catalogue adapts to the device your visitors use, making sure to always be engaging and customer-friendly. You can even track user engagement across devices to optimize performance and conversion.

A better alternative to print and pdf catalogues

AVIOU provides a fully digital alternative to the print catalogue. Our catalogue builder is both optimized for digital devices and users digital behavior. You don't flip through our catalogue. You scroll through it and interact with it the same way you do with Instagram and Pinterest.

Read our case about SPORT 24 who increased their sales by moving from print and PDF catalogues to AVIOU.

Improve CVR by turning category pages into inspirational shopping experiences

Category pages are great for providing an overview of a selection of products. When it comes to inspiring customers however, they fall short. AVIOU lets you change that. Using our platform you can present your products in an appealing and inspiring way that will influence visitors' desire to purchase.

Inside look: Create an inspirational shopping experience in a matter of minutes

Key features that make AVIOU easy, fast and flexible

live edit


View changes as you work using the live-editors' drag and drop features. What you see is what your customers get.

feed update

Product feed based

AVIOU pulls product information automatically and keeps your publication up to date 24/7.

fits all devices

Optimized for users

User-friendly and responsive design that fits desktop, tablet and mobile.

customized for brand

Tailored for your brand

Custom templates that match your brand DNA and specific needs. No one-size-fits-all.


Embedded solution

Integrate the publication to your website seamlessly by pasting a simple code.

add to card integration

Integrated add-to-cart

Customers add products directly to the cart without leaving the publication.

play in publication

Inspiring videos

Captivate your customers with inspirational and engaging video directly in your publication.

optimize tool

Gather data and learn

Track customer behavior through the publication, learn, and optimize results.


AVIOU campaign:

How Coolshop boost the impact of their campaigns

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AVIOU catalogue:

How SPORT 24 get the most out of their digital catalogues

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More about AVIOU

What is Inspirational Shopping?

From a broad perspective there are two kinds of customers: targeted buyers and impulse buyers.

Traditionally e-commerce has been tailored to satisfy the targeted buyer - making a transaction as fast and smooth as possible to ensure conversion. They know what they want and wish to get in and out as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, this process is unsatisfying to an impulse buyer. The people that want to browse through inventory not looking for anything in particular but still something very special. They aren’t stimulated by product overviews. They want exploration.

So how do you cater to the impulse buyers, when your entire platform is optimized for targeted buyers?

By adding inspirational shopping experiences to your customer journey and creating needs, that people didn't know they had to begin with.

And this is Inspirational Shopping at its core: Creating experiences for customers that makes them want to purchase in the moment, rather than waiting for people to realize their wants themselves.

What skills do you need to work with AVIOU?

AVIOU was made to be easy for anyone to use. Our live-editor makes it simple and intuitive to design a campaign, catalogue, brand presentation, or whatever you would like.

In our publication builder what you see is what you (and your customers) get, making it easy to have maintain focus on the customer journey through the catalogue. In many ways building a catalogue is like creating a story. A clear and developing storyline is key to driving the engagement and involvement of the reader.

You do not need to be a graphic designer or an InDesign pro to make a great AVIOU publication. All you need is knowledge of your customers and a bit of creativity. Ask yourself what interests do your customers have? What do they not yet realize they need yet? And how can you use this to create an inspirational shopping experience for them?

Is AVIOU a digital PDF?

Definitely not. Part of why AVIOU was made was to challenge and replace digital PDFs, because we believe they are outdated and not optimized for mobile devices. We want it to be as easy as possible to deliver inspirational shopping experiences to customers in all businesses.

In short there are two major differences between AVIOU and traditional PDF catalogues: workload and customer experience.

PDF catalogues takes too much work

Creating a traditional PDF takes a lot of time and often demands a graphic designer to do properly. It is also way too difficult if you need to change something in a catalogue and have to upload it again.

AVIOU on the other hand is easy to use for everyone. Although being a graphic designer is a plus when working in AVIOU, it is most certainly not a must. Our builder enables you to quickly move, swap or add new products in a catalogue - even when the catalogue is live for visitors to see.

In short AVIOU lets you spend less time doing tedious tasks in production and more time actually creating inspirational shopping experiences for your customers.

An improved customer experience

Because AVIOU can be embedded on your own website, the publications feel like a natural extension of your webshop. We make sure that the publication builder holds the features necessary to be in sync with your branding guidelines, so that the customer experience is seamless.

We also make it possible to add products to your websites cart directly from the publication, minimizing the gap between customer inspiration and purchase. 

If you are interested in what inspirational shopping can do and learn more about how AVIOU compares to digital PDFs, you can read about how Sport24 split-tested the two types of catalogues.

Questions about AVIOU and inspirational shopping

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