We are a team of individuals with very different skills that are united in a shared vision to give shoppers more inspiration while they shop. It sounds obvious and commoditized, we know, but just take a look at the average online store. The vast majority follow the same principles and follow the same code of merchandising, resulting in a standardized and predictable shopping experience.


We think different

We believe online shopping should be more than just a purchase. It should be about exploring and discovering something new and exciting. Every touch point is an exclusive opportunity to inspire customers and deliver them unexpected value while shopping. We call this approach to e-commerce Inspirational Shopping®.




Our ambition

Based on the track records from successful international businesses through the last 20+ years we have learned the hard way what it takes to make a business grow. Enduring profitable growth is only achieved through disciplined execution of a competitive strategy and our ambition is to provide the SaaS platform that lets businesses leverage Inspirational Shopping as the fuel for growth.